The Rickshaw Run India


The Rickshaw Run is an event where teams drive Auto Rickshaws (Tuk Tuk) along various routes across India.  The Rickshaw Run takes place every 6 months with a Summer and Winter edition. The route changes each time but starts from the finishing point of the previous run.

Each team has to raise a minimum of £1,000 for charities working in India and Nepal. The main charities for the Rickshaw Run are Mercy Corps, Frank Water and Save the Children, depending on where the Rickshaw Run takes place.

Most notable charitable donations were made by the ‘JacksGap’ team: Jack Harries; Finn Harries, Harry Crowder, Max Cantellow, Ben Brown, Will Darbyshire & Louis Cole. They successfully managed to exceed their $100,000 goal and raise just over $180,000 for Teenage Cancer Research; their adventures were all filmed for a four part TV series on YouTube.

JackGap Team


The JacksGap Team is composed by 7 friends

Ben Brown:
Louis Cole:
Max Cantellow:
Harry Crowder:
Will Darbyshire:
Jack Harries:
Finn Harries:

In September 2013 those guys drove the width of India in three little rickshaws (Tuk Tuk). They filmed the entire experience and it´s amazing and, above all, very inspirational. I love all those story to teach you that everythiing is possible and that adveture is fun!

Besides the adventure, those guys were also raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust!

Check out the adventure!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


What did I learned with this story? That having fun and doing some good is possible.  😛


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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