Saturday Playlist: Fat Freddy´s Drop

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A couple of months ago, I discovered this amazing band and in Today´s Saturday Playlist I want to share it with you!

Fat Freddy´s Drop is a New Zealand band from Wellington. The band is charactherised for mixing rythms such as dub, reggae, soul, jazz, and blues, and techno. Freddy’s Drop are known for their improvised live performances; songs on their studio albums are versions refined over years of playing them live in New Zealand, and on tour abroad.

The band is composed by 7 musicians:

  • Dallas Tamaira (“Joe Dukie”) – vocals, guitar (1999–present)
  • Chris Faiumu (“DJ Fitchie”) – percussion, production (1999–present)
  • Toby Laing (“Tony Chang”) – trumpet (1999–present)
  • Tehimana Kerr (“Jetlag Johnson”) – guitar (2000–present)
  • Iain Gordon (“Dobie Blaze”) – keyboards (2000–present)
  • Joe Lindsay (“Hopepa”) – trombone, tuba (2000–present)
  • Scott Towers (“Chopper Reedz”) – saxophone (2007–present)

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I really love their music…..And I´m sure you will love it as well.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Check Fat Freddy´s Drop Videos here


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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