Memorial garden of teargas canisters

What is your first thought when you hear “West Bank” and “Palestine”? I bet you will never think about a garden, and, even less, about a garden made out with used tear gar canisters. Althought it sounds beautiful, that garden is a memorial to one of the thousand deaths in Palestine.

What is the story behind this garden?

In 2009, Bassem Abu Rahmah was shot in the chest by Israeli solders with a tear gas canister during a weekly protest in Bil’in. His death, caught on video, gained even wider recognition through the Oscar-nominated documentary, Five Broken Cameras. Bassem’s mother Sabiha has worked to enshrine the place of Bassem’s death by using tear gas canisters as flower pots.

“The Bilin garden commemorates Bassem Abu Rahmah, a protest leader who was killed in 2009 when a tear gas grenade struck him in the chest during a demonstration.”

Check out the pictures of this sad but amazing garden:

It is a beautiful memorial, and I hope everyone could change the “war” into a “garden”…..

@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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