Saturday Playlist: Totó La Momposina


Toto La Momposina is a  magnificent folklor singer and dancer from the Colombia´s caribbean coast. Toto La Momposina has earned respect and admiration in many parts of the world for the power and spontaneity of her performance. Drawing on the music and dance of the Colombian Caribbean, her work is informed and inspired by a rich cultural mix that combines elements from African, Native Indian and Spanish traditions.

On stage Toto´s dynamic repertoire is accompanied by a range of traditional drums, gaitas, brass, tiple, bass, guitar, percussion and chorus. She presents rhythms such as the cumbia, bullerenge, chalupa, garabato and mapale from Colombia´s Caribbean coast alongside the Cuban son, guaracha, rumba and bolero son that arrived in Colombia via the village of San Basilio de Palenque.

Toto la Momposina is from the village of Talaigua, at the heart of an island in the great Magdalena river, called Mompos (hence la Momposina). The river, which rises high in the Andes, stretches over a thousand miles to the Caribbean. The cumbia is one of the better known rhythms and dances of Colombia. This rhythm is powerfully hypnotic and, along with the dance and its costume, a fine example of the mixture of Indian, Spanish and African influences: The dance originated as a courting dance between African men and Indian women at the time when the two communities began to intermarry. In this gentle, sensual dance the women hold up lit candles as the pairs weave in and out. Toto la Momposina Official Website

See Toto la Momposina´s pictures here

Now, move your hips and enjoy the music!


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