Saturday Playlist: Café del Mar


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Café del Mar is world renown chillout brand based in Ibiza. The concept was to put music for the sunsets. It is possibly the most renown by its annual chill-out album series. The first official Cafe del Mar compilation was released in 1994 following an overwhelming demand by the fans. It was a global success and resulted in the much respected chillout music series as of today.

wall5Café del Mar


Cafe del Mar opened its doors for the first time on June 20th in 1980. It is located just a few meters from the Mediterranean sea, always facing the spectacular sunset of the Sa Conillera.

In the early days Cade del Mar was a prominent meeting point among the locals and origin of inspiration for artists and the likes. By 1990’s it had become the most popular destination in Ibiza.

sunset5Café del Mar

sunset4Café del Mar

Sit back, relax and enjoy 😀


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon



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