The most polluted cities in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO ) has released the latest report with the pollution levels in every country.Air quality has deteriorated gradually in the world. According to the report  by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that more than half of the world population lives in cities with pollution levels 2.5 times higher than those recommended by the organization.

The report analyzes the air quality in 1,600 cities in 91 countries, showing that only 12 percent of  global population who lives in cities, breathe clean air.

“The most important thing to note is that the situation is worse in most places, especially in developing countries”  

  Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and Environment of WHO.

The pollution is exacerbated particularly in emerging countries, and the presence of suspended particles is particularly high in the cities of the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia. New Delhi has the highest level of particulate matter ( PM2.5 ), considered the most harmful to health, with 153 micrograms. The Indian capital is followed by another city in the country, Patna , with 149 micrograms.These figures are six times greater than the WHO considers as a “safe ” limit, which is 25 micrograms. Thirteen of the 20 dirtiest cities are in India , a country that has the four top positions in the world ranking with New Delhi , Patna , Gwalior and Raipur. 

On the opposite side 32 cities had levels below 5 PM2.5 per cubic meter , of which three quarters are located in Canada .

The report  revealed that air pollution in 2012 was responsible for the deaths of 3.7 million people under 60 years, being one of the biggest health risks worldwide. Despite this incidence of air pollution , the Director of Public Health of WHO , Maria Neira, acknowledges that ” we can win ” the fight against this problem and reduce the incidence of lung cancer and cardiopulmonary disease , as evidenced by the improvement have experienced some cities like Copenhagen ( Denmark) and Bogota ( Colombia ) , through the promotion of healthier modes of transport such as cycling .

Surprisingly no Chinese city was among the 20 most polluted, despite the thick layer of smog that often covers some cities, for which millions of residents wear masks . Beijing reported 56 micrograms of PM2.5 .Although, in Beijing the pollution is so strong that people in search of natural light, have put huge commercial television screens, located throughout the city, to see virtual sunrises. The futuristic screens installed in the Chinese capital, usually advertised tourist destinations, but as pollution has become more dense, residents have air masks and have left their homes to the only place where they can see the sun on the horizon. 

The cities with the lowest levels of contamination are in Canada , United States, Finland , Iceland and Sweden.


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