Saturday Playlist: Denver Nights

In today’s Saturday Playlist, I would like to introduce you to Denver Nights, a Amsterdam based party and label runned by Denver (Dennis Branda) & Makina (Hernan Ambrogi). They play amazing music and organize really cool parties in Amsterdam. I had a lot of fun with them. The past 2 years I celebrated my B-day at their parties and, today, from Colombia, I want to share with you their music.

544320_468823989849371_1544168438_nDenver Nights

They mix varied styles like Deep House, Tropical Bass and Trap and invie all kinds of artists from Dub Step dj’s to Electro Punk bands but also all type of visual artists.

Relax, enjoy and get ready for the party.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam you can’t miss their parties. I guatantee you will have lots of fun!

Check out the pics and get and idea of how is like to be at Denver Nights parties

76930_440979049300532_467950331_n 559298_412467125485058_233036655_n 19296_440979829300454_1977128584_n 946248_516943768370726_1757623180_n 72519_516944068370696_1231778763_n 64104_516943581704078_1332976595_n 1010383_516944681703968_666086273_nDenver Nights

You can also join them on FaceBook 



@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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