Street Music, Stop & Listen


2012-01-16-Bourbon-Street-Musicians-1024x640A Photo a Day

Music is a universal language, there is no doubt of that. No matter where you are in the world, you will always find music. No matter in which language -if any- you are always gonna get to feel the song and to feel the emotions of the musician who is playing or singing.

Have you ever find yourself in the street and, all of a sudden, a spectacular sound has captivated you? Have you find street musicians that you think are much better than those mainstream musicians that we hear nowadays in the radio?

Well, I have found amazing artists in several places in the world, and what I like the most is their passion towards music, you can definitely feel that they are doing what they love and they don´t care playing the music on the streets. Playing in the street is not an easy job, but for many it means that they are doing what they love and, that is something I really admire.

The Phenomenon of Street Music is a street music documentary made by World Street Music project. World Street Music has filmed more than 200 videos with talented street musicians from France, Spain, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia and other countries discovering what is music and what is street music. They want to change people’s stereotypes about musicians who perform in the street because some of them are amazing…

Watch also these videos of amazing performances of street musicians.

Mariusz Goli, a polish musician who plays in concerts, small restaurants, bars and street sessions. Despite his talent he says that he is very happy playing music in that way, and that he appreciates the direct contact with the public.

Petr Spatina, he plays music using glass and he is considered the best glass musicians in the world. He plays at concerts but also loves to play on the streets.

Bryson Andres, born in Hawai, raised in Alaska, with parents from the Phillipines, plays and records several voices and sounds while playing his electric violin

Mark Goffeney plays his guitar with his feet as he was born without arms. In despite of having a physical disability, he never gave up his passion for the music and the guitar.

This guy plays the hung drum on the streets of Frankfurt

Musician playing his guitar in a very particular and special way in Brisbane

New Orleans Street musicians



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