Saturday Playlist: Bomba Estéreo


Bomba Esteréo started as an initiative of the musician Simón Mejía. who decided to explore colombian flavours and sounds; other visual artists and DJs dedided to join him. In their first album Li Saumet, from Santa Marta, participated as vocal artist and from that moment on she is the main singer.

Bomba Estéreo is not only well known in Colombia but also internationally. They have proposed an amazing mix of sounds that captivates you right away; they mix electronic music, rock, reggae and rap with sounds from the caribbean coast such as cumbia and champeta.

Bomba Estéreo’s music and performances are unique. If you haven’t listened to Bomba Estéreo before I guatentee you that from this moment onwards you will love them. 

Enjoy it !

Their last single!

Elegancia Tropical


Bomba Estereo is undoubtedly one of my favorite bands!

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