Our post #100: 100 Places we would like to visit


We would like to dedicade our 100 post to one of the things we like the most… Travelling!

We have been in several places but we want more. It is indeed on our list to be everywhere but for now we have made a list of the 100 places/cities/countries we would like to visit (not in this order).

Enjoy it!  😉

1. Buthan

Bhutan-Image2Source: Bhutan-Reisen

See also our post  A place hiden in the Himalayas: Buthan

2. Nepal

nepal-monks-horns_12058_600x450Source: Nepal Photos National Geaographic (See more photos here)

3. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Kathmandu-Valley-400Famous Wonders

4. Bolivia

Bolivia-alrededoresBolivia Viajes

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

salar-uyuni-1Bolivia Turística

6. Laguna Verde y Colorada, Bolivia

Laguna_Verde_en_BoliviaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaringa

7. Santorini, Greece

Oia, Santorini Dosis Fotográfica (See more pics here)

8. Choco, Colombia

muelle-zapzurroDel Choco y Otras Películas

9. Guajira, Colombia

bailewayuuArtesanías Wayuu

10. Caño Cristales, Colombia

ca_o_cristales_1Descubre tu mundo

 11. Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), Colombia

11Vida solo cuesta vida

12. Desierto de la Tatacoa, Colombia


13. San Andres, Colombia

sanandreshostel-4El Viajero Hostel San Andres

14. Medellin, Colombia

 Medellin_NocheMedellín Paraiso Terrenal

15. Bruges, Belgium

mas_lugares_que_ver_antes_de_morir_623230495_650xCondéNast Traveler

16. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

17. Tahiti, French Polynesia

18. Tibet

National Geographic

National Geographic

19. Buenos Aires, Argentina


20. Mendoza, Argentina

21. Bariloche, Argentina

bariloche1Nicolita goes to Buenos Aires

22. Santa Cruz, Argentina

santa_cruz_argentina_picture-800x600Travel Skyline

23. Patagonia, Argentina

24. Quito, Ecuador


25. Montañita, Ecuador

DSC01620Todo lo es

26. Galapagos Island, Ecuador


27. Machu Pichu, Peru

machu-picchu-peruGua 3.0

28. Cruce de lagos, Chile


29. Iquique, Chile


 30. Atacama Desert, Chile


31. Costa Rica

169Costa Rica Traveler

32. London, UK

DSCI0242-2London Travel

33. Scotland

scotland castleNations throughout the world

34. Portugal


35. Sevilla, Spain

The-Heartbeat-of-Spain-Sevilla-300x228Discover Sevilla

36. Granada, Spain


37. Croatia

Plitvice WaterfallsFolk Dance on the Water

38. Death sea, Israel

dea seaSeed to Feed me

39. Kyrgyztan

3See more pic: Kloop

40. Egypt

the-sphinx-at-gizacairo-in-egypt-with-the-pyramid-of-chephren-khafre-in-the-backgroundFamous Wonders

41. Venice, Italy

Visita-la-bella-ciudad-de-Venecia-en-ItaliaGuia Viajera

42. Florence, Italy

cn_image.size.florence-italyThe Daily Traveler

43. Toscana, Italy

san-gimignano-bestAny Friend of Ours

44. Chang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai1The Internet Traveller

45. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket-1 Asia-Discover

46. Bali, Indonesia

f3aIsla de Bali

47. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio-de-janeiro-at-nightOne Big Photo by Marcelo Castro

48. Recife, Brazil

recifeBrazil Nuts Tour

49. San Francisco, USA

SanFrancisco-copia-300x166 Dario Owen

50. Seattle, USA

26619_ori_seattle_waCero Acero

51. Chicago, USA

Chicago Skyline, morning. Chicago, Illinois, USATerra Galleria

52. New York, USA


53. Boston, USA

search-engine-optimization-boston-600x312Pulso Social

54. Cape Town, South Africa

cape-town-south-africaMy Cape Town 

55. Mozambique

mozambique-image-6-33051169Local Mole

56. Prague, Czech Republic

prague-astronomical-clock-lTravel Lone

57. Slovenia

Lake-Bled-SloveniaFolk Dance on the Water

58. Slovakia

wonderful_orava_castle_slovakia_wallpaper-HDHD wpapers

59. Istanbul, Turkey

15-Less-Known-Facts-About-Istanbul-2Glam Grid

60. Cappadocia, Turkey

cappadocia-tours-01Istanbul City Tours

61. Sri Lanka

sri-lanka-450National Geographic

62. Ethiopia


63. Tanzania

3327_1259667478_tanzaniaBoda Click

64. Udaipur, India

trident_udaipur_02Trident Udaipur

65. Laos


66. Cambodia

Angkor Watangkor-wat-cambodia-garion88-best-picture-galleryTejiendo el mundo

67. Vietman

vietnam-2Club mi Viaje

68. Phillipines

Philipine-travel-China-590x394Marketing China

69. Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers in MalaysiaVisit Malaysia

70. The great Wall, China

greatly-overgrown-wall-of-chinaTwister Shifter

71. Sweden

800px-Waterfronts_in_Sweden_14_2010Wikimedia Commons, photo by Bengt Nyman

72. Iceland

tumblr_me37hdbQAr1qbym16o1_1280Iceland on Tumblr

73. Varadero Beach, Cuba


74. Finland


75. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


76. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


77. Morocco


78. Bulgaria


79. Shanghai


80. Malawi


81. Japan


82. San Blas Islands, Panama

Sapibenega-The-kuna-Lodge-san-blas-panama-cabins-island-water-isla-cabanas-56778_604x210Panama Turismo

83. Myanmar


84. New Zealand


85. Estonia


86. Sydney, Australia

opera-de-sidneyViaje Jet

87. Melbourne, Australia

image#19504-2De Mate y Canguros

88. Cannes, France


89. Montreal, Canada


90. Quebec, Canada


91. Toronto, Canada


92. Dublin, Irland

dublin_pubCity Guides Blog

93. Montevideo, Uruguay


94. Punta del Este, Uruguay


95. Solomon Islands

blonde-hair-solomon-islands-1024x598Youth Googly

96. Maldives Islands

maldives-sunsetPerfect Islands

97. Petra, Jordan


98. Guatemala

Tikal, GuatemalaGuate 360

99. Zanzibar

tumblr_l4dqkxz1AH1qc4b4io1_500Lyla Blue

100. Moscow, Russia

red-squareDestination 360

A big long but totally worth it, huh?


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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