Sand Art by Andres Amador

Have you seen our post Snow Art by Simon Beck? Well, Sand Art is similar but a bit (a lot) warmer….

Let me introduce you to Andres Amador, an artist from San Francisco who creates beautiful figures on wet sand.



Andres Amador uses Google Earth to choose the places and waits for full moon days, in which there is low tide, to create his pieces of art.

His works is sometimes bigger than 100,000 square feet. Every piece of art is different, even if he chooses the same design, every beach is different beacuse the beach, the light, the wind, and the waves are different.

His art besides being beautiful is also ephemeral. He knows that his work is not gonna last, and he is happy about it. I personally love ephemeral work, few things in life last, and we must learn to appreciate such things without being attached to them.

See some of his beautiful creations:

A piece inspired by Mexican prehistoric art








beach tour 2012


‘world tree’ 166734_545266788827687_355438044_n

The creation  below the Cliff House in San Francisco


At Santa Cruz


Messages to/from the universe series



‘Expand Yourself’ at Patzcuaro beach, Mexico



Inspired by the cave and the narrow channel leading from the cave to the larger beach. I started way at the back of the cave where the sand started. In my mind the cave was breathing flames which turned into vines, then flowers off of which bud planets and stars. Plemont Beach, Island of Jersey. during the World Beach Art Championships. Carl Court

564673_381315148556186_991508275_n 557789_381315065222861_2094488668_n

He even draws marry proposals



He is happy having followers from all around the world, and he shows his gratitud also by drawing ‘Thank you’

Wow! I’ve recently gotten so much internet love. I am in such appreciation for all the appreciation I have been receiving. The beaches I have been on here in Mexico aren’t so ideal for the really large works, but I offer this as a token of my gratitude to the universe for the art that moves through me and the way it touches those who experience it


All pictures are taken from Andres Amador Arts on Facebook

See also Andres Amador in Discovery Channel

@ivettemb & jeffinergon


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