Snow Art by Simon Beck

Simon Beck is an Artist who uses a compass and his feet to create amazing fugures on fresh snowfall. The artist can walk up to 40km over 10 hours to complete these beautiful figures. Check the following video:

Mr Beck said:

”Most of the time I travel round the Alps and hike up mountains, aiming to be on the summit at sunset for good photos. My feet are in a bad way but if I can keep my weight off the front of my feet things are not too bad”

”Often I am copying designs I have found, like crop circles or well-known mathematical figures, or repeating designs I have made earlier but failed to get good photos of”

”Some designs I am commissioned to do require a lot of study as to the best way to create it, and this process can take several hours.”

All Simon Beck’s photos are uploaded to his Facebook page Simon Beck’s Snow Art. We have selected only a few to show you the beauty of his work. Some of the pictures are photoshopped to enhance the contrast and quality of the pictures.

To make the following figure Simon Beck spent a total time of 26 hours spread out over 3 days. Later on, He did an additional 6 hours to fill in the remaining unshaded areas. This first picture was shot from the end of the ridge that goes down from the top of Acrabulle et al and has been compressed horizontally



530432_572325786114225_1789991777_n 603247_572325702780900_456582532_n


He spent 10 hours 50 in this onw but snow on the following day almost obliterated it. Thus, he spent a further 7 hours 30 reinstating it.


This was created in 8 hours 45 on December 30, 2012.

423348_569660093047461_1935441110_n 1508547_763644963648972_1008713574_n

He is Simon Beck



And these are other of his pieces of snow art:









One of the most interesting part of Simon Beck’s work is that he knows that the piece of snow art is not going to last much. However, he doesn’t care, he loves hiking on the snow and making these amazing figures. Furthermore, he posts all his pictures on Facebook and he clearly says that the material is intended for free distribution, it could be used for blogs or for articles about him. So, Thanks simon!

This is another example that following your passion is totally worth it!

Snow art can be cold, if you prefer the beach check out our post Sand Art by Andres Amador

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