Saturday Playlist: Caracas Sessions

source: Caracas Sessions

I recently discovered this youtube channel, that now I want to highly recommend. I think it is also quite new, but it is a “MUST” for me, and I think for you as well. It is a jam session with amazing venezuelan musicians, from the famous violin player Alexis Marquez to the young but really talented trumpeter Linda Briceño. Venezuela has amazing musicians. Please listen:  Caracas Sessions.

“In a way, “Caracas’ Sessions” is a PARTY before cameras and microphones, where the highest quality and professional level of artistry/performance is exposed, along with the emotional warmth of all of the participants … Artists and technicians helping each other and sharing with one another their very best.”

I know,  unbelievable!! you need to listen more!!, that’s what happened to me the first time I listened. It is a shame that there are only two videos. Suscribe to their youtube channel and wait for more, you won’t regret it. Too much flavor, right?


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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