Street Art: Bogota, Colombia

In our second post on street art we are going to take you to Bogota, Colombia. Street art in Bogota has become one of icons of the city.

Calle 26, for instance, is one of my favorites. It is actually a pleasure to pass by and watch all the different pieces of art. You can see criticism and nonconformity but also hope in those walls.

Check out this video called ”This territory is ours”

557442_422718577848739_103065320_nLesivo, Guache, Dj Lu, Toxicómano + Elliot Tupac (Perú). Weaving hope  Bogota Street Art Facebook Page

graffitis-26Bogota Official Page

Homage to Jaime Garzon, assassinated comedian, activist and journalist. Personally, this is one of my favorites beause of the art itself but also because of what Jaime Garzon, although was killed, still represents for me and for Colombian society.

mural jaime garzon street art

This is the picture of the whole wall…


… and other nice pics



Check out this Time Lapse video of the Mucho Indio’s painting process

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 4.52.16 PMFine Art America

Another beautiful wall of Calle 26




And more and more pics of street art around Bogota

ebdliPlaneta Graffiti

1460200_474460112674585_88332531_n Guache. Peace is ours Bogota Street Art Facebook Page

1459942_474456499341613_1708345571_n Stinkfish Bogota Street Art Facebook Page

1502561_483467811773815_1864850297_n Lesivo + Toxicómano. Photo by Rrma CaycedoBogota Street Art Facebook Page

935580_157841447723520_1926405645_nBogota Street Art Facebook Page

1240584_439402896180307_1878244871_n Dj Lu – Esténcil. Without Freedom no one lives Bogota Street Art Facebook Page

56-218683-6-carsalCorrosivo Carsal 








Do you want to see more amazing pieces of street art in Bogotá? Check out Bogota Street Art Flickr page

Check out also Planeta Grafitti, a really cool blog about street art in Bogota (Spanish)

There is also a graffiti bike tour in Bogota. Check it out here

Check also our first post Street Art: São Paulo

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