Walking the Royal Road from Barichara to Guane

This post follows Going Around Colombia (Part II): Santarder post, in which I only talked a bit about Guane, Barichara and The Royal Road but I didnt give many details about the latter. So, I want to dedicate a post only to this beautiful hiking road.

The Royal Road (or Camino Real in Spanish) is a 2 1/2 hours hike, which might sounds a bit long but believe me you will be busy with tranquil environment and beautiful landscapes that you won’t notice you’re walking 10km.

There is nothing but nature and beautiful landscapes, from time to time you will come across butterflies and birds. When you are half way you will find a small house where they sell water, soda and some souvenirs. So, make sure you bring water and some snacks with you.

The Royal Road starts where Barichara ends, there is a small kiosko with an amazing balcony, you have almost 360 grades view and from there you can see part of the Royal Road… Check the following pictures




Time to start the hike. 4.00pm was the perfect time to start, it was’t too warm nor too cold. It is also the lattest time you should start the hike because from Guane the last bus departs at 7.00pm and you don’t want to miss it.





As I already mentioned in the post about Santander, I love these ”beard trees”…




After 2 hours and a bit, we finally saw something…. we were getting closer to Guane, a little town with lot of history where indigenous from the region used to live.


et voilà !

Welcome to Guane….


As we arrived a bit late, there weren’t much people on the streets. However, a young lady saw us arriving and run calling our attention. She was selling some handcrafts from the town.  I couldn’t say no, I got a nice bracelet made out of some seeds, which I still wear it every day!

SAM_0851All pic by Jenn

And the hike finished with a delicious passion fruit juice as a reward for the 2 1/2 hours walk  😀

@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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