Going around Colombia (Part II): Santander

Santander is a region located in the North East of Colombia. Its capital is Bucaramanga, an amazing city, which I can say it’s my second home. Bucaramanga is not as touristic as other cities of Colombia but Santander is often visited not only by Colombians but also by foreigners; there are lot of things to do. Santander has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia, beautiful colonial towns, and you can do as many extreme sports as you like.

Chicamocha Canyon

The Chicamocha canyon is one of the most beautiful places of Colombia. Its coulored green and grey mountains are georgeous, you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting this place. I had passed many times by car since I travel from Bogota to Bucaramanga quite often. However; now, there is a National Park called PANACHI located on one of the mountains of the canyon. This Park is quite fun, you can do canooping, paragliding, ostrich riding, and many other fun activities.

Appart from that, you can go to the top of the mountain and enjoy the 360 grades view to the canyon as well as cross the canyon by cable car to the other side, which is called La Mesa de los Santos.

Check some pics….

Chicamocha National Park (PANACHI)


360 grades view


While you’re walking towards the top of the mountain you can sit, relax, enjoy the sun and grab a drink


View to the Canyon from PANACHI




Aratoca is a small town located 20 minutes from PANACHI. I ended up there just by coincidence, but it was nice to stop there, walk around the main square and take some pictures to the main church.


San Gil

San Gil is a town located 2 hours by car from Bucaramanga. It used to be a small town but it is getting bigger and bigger. San Gil is quite touristic; it’s a cool destination for those who like to do extreme sports as well for those who like to visit colonial towns as San Gil is quite close to Barichara, Guane, Socorro and many others.

One of the most beautiful spots in San Gil is the Gallineral Park, a natural park just by the  river. It is beautiful and not too big; you need about 30-40 minutes to walk around the whole park. Check some pictures

Gallineral Park

I love these trees. I only have seen them in Santander and I don’t know their real name but I use to call them ”long beard trees” (you can imagine why)



You can do many tours around San Gil, there are many towns, mountains, rivers etc. Nature and landscapes are beautiful. We did a mountain bike tour, it was a bit scary but a lot of fun.

We had the chance to see a double rainbow going down the hill and we enjoyed amazing view during the whole day…



We stopped for only few minutes in Barichara, and from there we went to the Suarez River and another town called Galan. Lot of fun, in the afternoon I was a bit less scare of mountain biking!


The Suarez River Canyon…….wordless!




Barichara is one of my favorite towns. It is a small colonial town located 118 km from Bucaramanga. It has been declared National Monument because of its architectural heritage. Houses, streets, churches, artwork and cemetery are all made of stone; buildings are built of bahareque (compresses mud) and walls were whitewashed.

Barichara’s main Church


Typical houses and stone streets


Other Barichara’s church



Guane is located 9 km from Barichara, 2 hours walking or 20 min by car. This small town has a lot of history, it was the place where the indigenous Guanes used to live.

From Barichara the is a road called ”Camnino Real” (Royal Road), which has been decladed National Monument in 1988. Our next post from Go & Travel will show you the beautiful Royal Road…



SAM_0869All pics by Jenn


@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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