Going around Colombia (Part I): Villa de Leyva


I cannot say which is my favourite place in Colombia, I have many favourite places and I also have a huge list of places I would love to visit (I’m sure those places will be also within my favourites… I just can’t choose!). However, Villa de Leyva is definitely in the top 5.

Villa de Leyva is a small town 3-4 hours from Bogota. It has become quite touristic not only by Colombians but also by foreigners. There is a reason for that, it is beautiful!!!!!!! Besides, you will find many many things to do both in the town and in its surrounding areas. You can find restaurants, hotels, camping zones, beautiful architecture, fossils, lakes, rivers, amazing landscapes, you can do several sports, ride horses, watch the stars……. and many other things.

La Plaza Mayor

Undoubtedly La Plaza Mayor (Main Square) is the first place you will  visit in Villa de Leyva, it is the largest main sqaure in Latin America. In this square you always will find friendly people, cafes, bars, concerts and national events. It’s a very cozy square, you can spend  hours just sitting on a bench watching at the people.



Plaza Mayor from the other side


Typical white colonial houses with green balconies

Villa de Leyva is a colonial-era town. Since 1954 it has been a National monument. It is known for its colonial architecture and cobblestone walkways, all the houses are white painted and have green wooden balconies decorated with flower pots.



Villa de Leyva at night

Villa de Leyva is as charming as during the night as it is during the day. It could be a bit cold, though!


Camping in Villa de Leyva

There are a bunch of camping places in Villa de Leyva, mostly in the surrounding areas but we found a nice place within the town (No idea the name), which is perfect cause you walk just 3 streets and you find the Plaza Mayor. When it’s ”summer” in Colombia -although we don’t have seasons- Villa de Leyva can be quite hot….. but….. during the nights it’s always cold. We didn’t think much about it when we decided to stay in the camping. I was freeeezing!!



Casa Terracota

Just outside Villa de Leyva we found a very interesting house, it is called Casa Terracota but I like to call it the Flintstones’ house. You can see why….



See more of Casa Terracota here [Spanish]

Pozos Azules

Pozos Azules is definitely my favourite spot in Villa de Leyva. It is only 30-40 min walk. Villa de Leyva is usually cold but on that day we were so lucky and we had beautiful weather. the sun was there, warming us up, the sky was blue and clear, a perfect day!

We were walking towards Pozos Azules from the town and there is actually nothing to see, at the beginning few restaurants and houses but after a while there was nothing at all, we were in a kind of desert. But after 30 mins we finally saw the entrance, walked a bit more and Boom! we crashed with these 5 gorgeous  blue natural pools. They are blue because of the minerals in the bottom of the lakes, you can’t swim but I assure you you will enjoy every second watching the beautiful landscape!






IMG01493-20130105-1500All Photos: Jenn

Villa de Leyva can be extreme, romantic and relaxing at the same time…. The perfect combination, isn’t it?

I wanna go back to Villa de Leyva, wanna come with me?

@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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