Try to save the arctic and you will end up in jail

In which world are we living in? People who is trying to keep natural resources safe and clean are sent to jail while people (companies) detsorying them are out there, cutting trees, grabbing land from people, drilling oil, extracting minerals, making themselves rich. It might sound absurd but saddly it is true.

The most recent case (and very absurd) was the detention of 30 Greenpeace activists who were peacefully taking action at Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya platform to stop it from producing the world’s first oil from icy Arctic waters. They have been detained pending an ‘investigation into piracy’ by the Russian authorities. They also have a pre-trial detention under hooliganism charges. Hooliganism?

”But who are the real hooligans? Oil companies like Gazprom and their partner Shell are willing to put the fragile Arctic environment at risk to satisfy their greed for oil.”

1452006_603460159689089_176624755_nGreenpeace Arctic Sunrise

Isn’t it a crime to drill oil, knowing the huge negative environmental impacts that it causes? This pictures is just a small example of oil spills caused by Grazprom. This is a crime, to the environment, to us, to future generations.


Gazprom oil spills in Russia Location: Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Noyabr’sk (near it)

Photos taken: 2012, September  (Source: Greenpeace Artic Sunrise)

Who are the 30 activist arrested?

Marco Weber (Crew), Cristian D’Alessandro (Deckhand), Denis Sinyakov (Freelance Photographer), Mannes Ubels (Chief Engineer), Paul D Ruzycki (First Mate), Anne Jensen (Third Mate), Faiza Oulahsen (Campaigner), Francesco Pisanu (Deckhand), Tomasz Dziemianczuk (Crew), Frank Hewetson (Logistics Coordinator), Miguel Hernan Perez Orzi (Second Mate), Sini Saarela (Crew), Camilia Speziale (Crew), Roman Dolgov (Spokesperson), Iain Rogers (Second Engineer), Dima Litvinov (Spokesperson), Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel (Deckhand), Alexandre Paul (Bosun), Colin Russell (Radio Operator), Jonathan Beauchamp (Mechanic), David Haussmann (Electrician), Peter Henry Willcox (Crew Member), Phil Ball (Activist), Kieron Bryan (Freelance Videophotographer), Alexandra Harris (Activist), Anthony Perrett (Activist), Gizem Akham (Crew Member), Rusian Yakushev (Crew Member), Andrey Allakhverdov (Activist), Ekaterina Zaspa (Crew Member).

I personally admire these guys and all the people who stand for such causes. Not everybody has the courage to get into the a boat and to go to the arctic trying to call attention to one of the oil biggest companies. They are brave! They understand the threat of these practices to the environment and to future generations.

“As things stand the Russian authorities propose to jail thirty men and women for maybe twenty years because two peaceful protesters tried to hang a small yellow banner from the side of a five hundred thousand tonne oil platform. First this saga shocked people across the world, now it has descended into farce. Those campaigners were willing to risk their liberty to shine a light on dangerous Arctic oil drilling, but the authorities’ reaction has been wildly disproportionate. The legal hammer now being wielded against them says so much more about those who have brought these charges than it does about the prisoners. They are neither pirates nor hooligans, they are simply people possessed of a conscience who care about our common future and they should be released immediately.”

– Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International

‘Po Paul’ (Alexandre Paul), one of the 30 activist wrote this letter from prision:

1460963_416607445131466_2121863777_n Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise

Thousands of people have joined the Greenpeace campaing, Free the Arctic 30, asking Russian authorities to free these brave activists. People from all around the world have made their posters asking to save the arctic and to free these activist; people have sent thounsands of letters showing their symphaty and support. People have also call Russian embassies asking for justice.

Nobel peace prize winner in 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi, also sent a message of support for the Arctic 30. Click in the image to hear the message.

safe_image Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise

Celebrities also join Greenpeace campaign and sent their message to Russia.  Madona and Paul McCartney stand for the Arctic 30

1456536_602437886457983_991299096_n 1460076_10151834815708300_1736010907_nGreenpeace Arctic Sunrise

As it stands today, 20th November 2013: 12 of the Arctic 30 have been granted bail. Colin was refused bail and ordered to return to jail until February 24. The others are still waiting ….

IF you want to know more about the negative impacts on the environment produced by the oil industry, check this video out.


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