Eco-Friendly Chargers and Plugs

Have you found yourself on the beach, in a camping, in a plane, or travelling by car and your phone, iPod or other electronic device is suddendly low of battery? Don’t panic! You don’t have to wait until you arrive to a place where you can plug your device, Now you can charge it by using solar power, wind or your bike!

See some of the most amazing designs for charging your phone, tablet, iPod, iPad, etc.

1) Window Socket

Designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, this portable, suction plate-based solar converter-charger functions as a standard (European) plug. You just need to stick the socket on any window (at home, in the office, in your car, in the airplane, in the train) where there’s decent sunlight, and the device automatically will start converting sunlight into electric energy roght away. There are quite a few solar batteries and adapter for electronic devices but the window socket is the fist direct solar plug-in.




How to use it?


The main goals are to save money, to conserve the environment and to be free…

medium_windowsocket05Blue Channel 24

Other Window Socket Design by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh:

images (3)Green Energy Technology

2) Orange Power Pump

The Orange Power Pump is not as small and easy to carry as the Window Socket but it is also really cool. The Orange Power Pump is a wind charger for outdoors using. It is camping accessory which fits all handsets, it measures 154mm by 129mm with a height of 47mm, is lightweight and easy to fit into your rucksack. It is characterized by the inclusion of a standard air foot-pump in its mechanism.

“GotWind has worked with Orange for a third year to create yet another groundbreaking festival accessory that is sure to become a must-have when packing your rucksack,” says GotWind managing director, Dave Pain.


Orange-Power-PumpLike Cool

3) ECOXPOWER pedal powered charger

With this cool system you can charge your headlight or any USB device while you pedal. Check the follow image and see how it works:


4) The Pocket Socket

The Pocket Socket 2 is a very cool eco-friendly hand-cranked generator that provides electrical power on the go.


Do you wanna know how does it work? Check out this video

5) iPhone Solar Charger

If there is sun, there is power! With this new accessory, if there is sun  you will never run out of battery.

Running your electronic devices on pure solar energy is free; the only investment is to buy the solar charger, from then on you get energy for your phone for free. It is good for the environment and brings a very cool, natural vibe to your daily life.

6-Volt-Solar-Charger3-300x269Silicon Bayou News

mobius_flat_angle_CMYK copyEton

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