Awareness campaigns. You’ll be amazed.

By casualty, I’ve been looked all these amazing videos about awareness campaigns. There are a bunch of really interesting videos. If you have the time I recommend you to watch them. You’ll be amazed how creativity can reach sensitive topics.

1)What if someone bottle the water that millions of people in developing countries drink every day and offere it on the streets of New York? Well, UNICEF did it.

2) The Olla Condom’s “Unexpected Babies” campaign creates fake Facebook profiles for future baby boys by taking an existing profile’s user name and tacking on “Jr.” to the end of it. The message that is tagged along with the request says, “Avoid surprises like this one” and link it to the Olla website.

3) Please do not smoke while you are pregnant. “A mother can be her baby’s worst enemy” campaign by

4) Brazilians designed a half for happiness campaign in which they sold half a product in a grocery store. Half the of the profit will go towards Casa do Zezinho in hopes to help alleviate malnutrition.

5) The “Initiative Vermisste Kinder” (Missing Children’s Initiative) in Germany, launched a unique campaign designed to track missing children .

6)  The team started Project Change in Australia launched a initiative to make people smile.  After some research, they found that 97% of Australians are unhappy .

If you know more awareness campaigns like these, please share with us!

@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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