Why should you take the subway?


If you are too lazy to take public transportation, and instead you prefer to drive your car, I have to tell you that you are missing lots of fun. So, I recommend you to think twice before driving your car.

Here are some really cool campaigns inside metro stations all over the world. So, leave you car and take the subway!.

1) In Berlin. If you wanna go faster, you can! The fast lane campaign.

2) In South Korea. The Korean subsidiary Home Plus put up billboards in subway stations with their range of products, accompanied by QR, or Quick Response codes. What people have to do is to scan the QR codes with their cell phone and the groceries are delivered to their doorsteps.

3) In Beijing.  The Beijing subway installed recycling machines to pay traveler credit with plastic bottles

4)In Stockholm. The famous piano stairs at the metro station, to incentive people to take the stairs.

5) In New York.  Every station has a black-and-white striped board in the middle .  The MTA has conductors point at the boards while stopped at the platform, as a way to prove their alertness. Literally, at every stop, at every station, the conductors roll down their windows and point at these boards. These guys change the routine of the drivers.

Do you know another initiatives to encourage people to take the subway? Share with us! 

@ivettemb & @jeffinergon


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