Behind the Brands

Have you ever thought who owns the food and products you consume in a dialy basis? Who is behind Oreo, Snickers, Nescafé, Evian, M&M, Kit Kat, Doritos, L’Oreal or Pantene. Did you know that actually only few companies around the globe own all these products?

When we go to the supermarket we think we have million of choices, we think there are thousand of companies producing our food and daily products. Unfortunately, this is not true, only few companies own  those products. Check this brands map out and judge yourself!

The illusion of Choice

k0pv0Source: Imgur

Oxfam has recently launched a campaing called Behind the Brands, in which it ranked the 10 biggest food and beverage companies. The selection of these companies were based on companies with the largest overall revenues globally, as well as their position in the Forbes 2000 annual ranking, which measures companies on the basis of composite sales, assets, profits and market value. The Big Ten companies, in order of company size, according to Oxfam are:

1) Nestle
2) PepsiCo
3) Unilever
4) Mondelez (Kraft Foods)
5) Coca-Cola
6) Mars
7) Danone
8) Associated British Foods (ABF)
9) General Mills
10) Kellogg’s

Top 10 of big companies from Oxfam does not include P&G and Jonhson & Johnson as it is shown in the picture above because Oxfam focuses on the food and beverage industry.

Do you want to know who owns the brands you love and how it is scored according to Oxfam’s research? Click on the image and find it out yourself

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.24.20 PM

Big brands companies care what we, as consumers, think. Thus, it is important that we speak up and ask for a responsible and transparent business. It is time to change the current way in which business are being done, to speak up and to ask for a fair system.

Some people think that we can’t do much to change the current system but we actually can do a lot! We are who buy all those products and companies care too much about their image in the market. For instace, thanks to more than 225,000 people that joined Oxfam’s efforts and spoke up, Coca-Cola has  committed to a zero-tolerance policy on land grabs in their supply chain.

Do you want to know what have Coca-Cola pledged? Click here

This is just the beginning, there is much more we can do, not only by joining these kind of campaings but also by being responsible when shopping.

If you want to suuport Oxfam’s efforts and make other big companies commit click here and take action.

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