Plastic Bottle Caps Art

It is amazing how many things we can make with ‘discarded’ materials; imagination has no limits!. Artist from different disciplines have found inspiration in discarded plastic bottle caps to create sculptures, murals, mosaics, and others pieces of art.

For a number of years Olga Kostina collected plastic bottle caps until she thought she had enough to start decorating her house in the rural Russian village in the Siberian Tiaga. Not having enough with her house Olga also has decorated other structures in the village. See how she has decorated the external walls of her house:

OlgaKostina2Source: Upcycle That

Cars also can be decorated with plastic bottle caps. Check out this happy hippie van:

bottle-cap-van_front-art-car-centralSource: Auto Insurance Tips

In 2012, Reyes Rojos de Barranco school in Lima, Peru started a recycling initiative in which they separated solid waste. They found a colourful way to re-use plastic bottle caps they got: They made a mural, check it out:

susanwagner1Source: Life Out Of Plastic

Alfa Planetarium  in Monterrey, Mexico also has its own mural made wiith plastic bottle caps:

1461452_10151979029121131_864401075_nSource: Facebook page Isabel

Michelle Stitzlein is an artist who has been creating sculptures, murals and mosaics with recycled materials as a full-time artist since 2000 in her studio in Baltimore, Ohaio, USA. She has worked in several schools creating, along kids and teachers, beautiful murals:


Source: Michelle Stitzlein

In Godoy Cruz, Argentina, a group of artist made a wall in order to rise awareness from the visual art, and to reflect on excessive pollution. The wall is 14 x 2,50 meters and they used about 30,000. It was the first mural in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.


Source: El Sol diario online

A beautiful horse made with pastic bottle caps in La Plaza de los Artesanos in Bogota during La Feria Ambiental (Environmental Fair) 24-27 October 2103.

1379533_172969462900658_1734069892_nSource: La Feria Ambiental Bogotá

Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic. A 100m2 mosaic from approximately 90,200 discarded plastic bottle caps. Created for the world cup during 14 June 2010 – 13 July 2010.More pics:

plastic bottle cap artSource: Inspiration Green

In a secondary school of Mar del Tuyú in Argentina, community members with the supervision of art experts Lucia de la Orden made a beautiful wall with 50,000 plastic bottle caps. The wall is 2.50 meters high and 20 meters long.

eco2520mural25203Source: Vivir en el Partido de la Costa

See also this video on how they made the wall (Spanish)

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