Green is the new black!

Before you read this post you should watch this video

After watching this, you’ll probably be surprise (or maybe not) the quantity of our clothes it’s made by underpaid workers (even children) who lives in poverty and risk their lifes, to make low cost clothes. Big brand chains such as Zara, H&M, Mango or Primark has molded the consumer into this consumption life style.

However, sustainability and awareness are reaching the fashion industry. More and more fashion industries are including in their lines, eco friendly designs, using recyclable fabrics and materials, such as organic cotton, organic, bamboo, hemp and linen, among others. From pants made with plastic bottles, to eco glasses, the industry is taking conscience of the huge damage of some trends to the environment. Although it is not the majority, it is a considerable group of fashion designers all over the world who prefer using these kind of materials.

One of them is the singer/designer who is launching a collection based on plastic bottles as the main fabric. Ekocycle is the name of the brand behind this project.  The clothes made out of recycled bottles is supported by Coca-Cola (the fact that Coca- Cola is behind this brand makes me skeptical about it). However the  idea of turning plastic bottles into polyester is amazing, For example one of their pieces is made from 60% post-consumer waste materials, using an average of 14 assorted recycled PET plastic bottles. You can have more information about this brand in their Facebook or twitter pages.

Not only you can wear “recycled” clothes but you can also read with it!. Jhane Barnes, is the designer behind Redux Collection, belonging to the brand with her name. This line uses biodegradable materials alternatives and the case is made with 100% recycled materials. The most important thing about these glasses is:

‘The use of laminated recycled wood pulp, with 30 percent of recycled scrap on the acetate arms of the rectangular frames. The demo lenses, one the other hand, are made out of corn, a biodegradable alternative to the industry standard of petroleum-based lenses.’

The price is around 100$. If you want to check out the collection you have to go to this website.

In Latin America eco trend is also being applied. Jason a Colombian shoe designer decided to change the way shoes were made. He launched his brand under the name Vegetariano (Vegetarian). These brand was created in order to care for wildlife, Vegetariano company makes shoes from recycled materials, alternative to leather. The creator of this initiative, narrated how this business idea was born.

As them there are so many designers trying to change the consumption pattern.

In the UK you can find Style is.

”The biggest and most stylishly sustainable UK online fashion store. Shop the collection of thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories from ethical, eco and sustainable brands, retailers and boutiques.

They offer a more UK sustainable ethical fashion choice than to many high street or online fashion shops and boutiques. From fair trade to vintage, recycled, ethical, vegan and organic, they have a wide range of sustainable choices.”

In Latin America, Eco Fashion Latam 

”A platform for sustainable fashion professionals in Latin America. We are  pro organic materials, information, organizations, designers, creators and any platform that promote sustainable fashion. Do encourage networking and CSR training, sustainability, sustainable fashion and communication.”

But not only them can make a difference. We, as consumers, also have to be aware and informed of what’s behind low cost clothes.


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