New Age, New Phones (Part II): Fairphone

Fairphone, more than just a phone is a movement that seeks to change the current phone industry, from the beginning until the very end of the production chain. Fairphone is developing a smart phone taking into consideration the best and most responsible production practices, ethical values and transparecy that any business must have. Also, Fairphone seeks to increase consumers awareness on their responsibility when buying a product; consumers must be more critical about the stuff they get.

The whole idea of a ‘Fair’ phone is amazing but when I read that materials were sourced from D.R. Congo and the phone was made in China I was a bit surprised. I have conflicting feelings about China, however, I think that making a ‘Fair’ phone in China is a great idea. We need to change the way things are currently being done. As they stated ”Anyway, at some point of the production chain either the materials or production will end up in China”. So, it is better to be in China and be the change. In D.R. Congo, for instance, there has been some issues regarding conflict minerals, fairphone works along several NGO’s to make sure that the materiales used to make the phone are from conflict-free minerals.

They affirmed that they could have sourced minerals from Australia and they could have made the phone somewhere in Europe, but it is important to go to those places were the problems are, ask what they need instead of making assuptions of what they need, and contribute by providing solutions. D.R Congo and China were therefore the best places to make the ‘Fairphone’.

Fairphone’s main goals are: 1) To make a phone manufactured ethically 2) Not to rip off the people with the cost of the phone 3) To be transparent

As for transparency, you can see the cost breakdown of the Fairphone:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.37.54 PMSource: Fairphone

I hope all the businesses (not only the phone industry) follow this example.

 @jeffinergon & @ivettemb 


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