When I was in Paradise…

It was back in April, 2012. I had been already 2 months in Thailand doing research for my Masters thesis but I decided to take few days off, totally off, to visit some of those beautiful places I heard from many people who had been in Thailand before and those places i saw in pictures.

I had many things going on in my head, sometimes I think too much (toooo much) I felt I needed some time to Not Think… So, I left Bangkok and I found Paradise…..

Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi IslandPhoto: Jenn

DSCN0358 Photo: Jenn

Phi Phi IslandPhoto: Jenn

Phi Phi IslandPhoto: Jenn

Phi Phi Island Photo: Jenn

DSCN0362Photo: Jenn

However, my life can´t  be normal. The peace of mind I got at that moment was a bit disturbed when in our way back to Krabi (on a boat) We had a Tsunami alert…..

Yes! We were in the middle of the Andaman Sea going from Phi Phi Island to Krabi and we heard that there was an earthquake somewhere in Indonesia.

What to do? No one knew….

It is a long story, as all my stories, but the great part of the story is that beacuse of that Tsunami alert (which luckily didn´t happen) I couldn´t stay in the very cheap hostel I was staying in.  Instead, after a great adventure, I ended up in Paradise II….

The Elements Krabi Resort

The Elements Krabi Resort Photo: Jenn

I got an unbelievable discount that night (and the night after) just because I´m always lucky…. And I got some tours around Krabi beaches….

DSCN0569 Photo: Jenn

I got a great view of the Andaman Sea and its beautiful tiny islands

Andaman SeaPhoto: Jenn

The time in the Paradise II was over,  I went back to Bangkok to celebrate the Songkran (Thai New Years) but as soon as the Songkrant was over I went to Paradise III..

Koh Samed

….And had a Blue Margarita while watching the white sand, blue sea and blue sky

Photo: Jenn

I did a mini tour around the island and visit beautiful beaches with the whitest sand I have ever seen…

Koh SamedPhoto: Jenn

And the most beautiful sea, sky and clouds I have ever seen

Koh SamedPhoto: Jenn

Of course, during the night it was still a chilling Paradise…

Koh Samed Photo: Jenn

No words needed to explain why I call this Paradise, right?


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