Pawel Kuczynski: Satirical illustration worth a thousand words

Who is Pawel Kuczynski?

Pawel Kuczynski is a 36 years old Polish artist who uses satire critically to potray today’s social, political, economic, environmental, moral and cultural reality.

Kuczynski is a gratuated of Fine Arts Academy in Poznan, Poland. He started drawing satirical illustrations back in 2004. He has been rewarded with 92 prizes and dinstincitions. The Association of Polish Cartoonist gave him ‘Eryk’ award for getting a record number of awards in international competitions.

We have chosen 10 illustrations from Kuczynski’s work. It is an amazing work, not only because its quality but also because its strong and critical message hiden in it. Kuczynski’s illustrations worth a thousand words.

The Slave

imggaleria-g_12355_20121120_105436By Pawel Kuczynski


Satirical-Drawings-by-Pawel-Kuczynski-Occupation22By Pawel Kuczynski


imggaleria-g_12352_20121120_100622By Pawel Kuczynski

Watering Can

imggaleria-g_12357_20121120_105525By Pawel Kuczynski


satirical-art-pawel-kuczynski-19By Pawel Kuczynski


pawel_kuczynski_ilustracion_4By Pawel Kuczynski


imggaleria-g_12347_20121120_100418By Pawel Kuczynski


imggaleria-g_12349_20121120_100445By Pawel Kuczynski


imggaleria-g_12353_20121120_105203By Pawel Kuczynski


YXvA3FYBy Pawel Kuczynski


satiric_drawings_39By Pawel Kuczynski

You can see more Kuczynski’s  illustrations here


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