Unconventional Market: Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand

It is always nice to go directly to the market and buy fresh fruits and vegatebles from the city or country you visit. But wouldn´t it be nicer if the market was on the water? Yes, it is nicer! and that was what I found in Thailand.

Even though I could get any fresh fruit and vegatable in almost every street in Bangkok one of the best experience I had was going to Amphawa floating market. Buying your food and seeing your lunch being prepared on a little boat in front of you was priceless!

It was my first time in Asia and my first weekend in Bangkok, so I decided to start my adventure. I joined some couchsurfers who were going to one of the most popular floating market near Bangkok, Amphawa, in which visitors were almost exclusively Thai.

Everything and everyone was new for me and that why I loved it. What did I eat? I actually have no idea, I just know it was vegetarian and delicious. I do remember I drunk a delicious Lychee cocktail.

Here I share with you some pictures of such an amazing experience:





430618_10150659879707179_515899594_nPhotos by Jenn

The floating market trip didn´t end buying food, having luch and drinking Lychee cocktails. Once in Amphawa you can take a boat tour and visit several temples located in the surroundings of the market.

We saw monkeys


We visited monks


We visited temples


Hiden temples


More temples and statues


And remember, ALWAYS SHOES OFF

IMG00356-20120225-1639All Phones by Jenn

It  was a magnificent day! Isn´t it unconventional?

Extra info:

Amphawa Floating Market ia only open midday to about 8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, but best after 4pm.

From Bangkok is about an hour and a half to Amphawa. Buses run from the Southern Bus Terminal to Samut Songkram town (aka Maeklong), then take a local songthaew to Amphawa. Or, take a van from Victory Monument to Maeklong, and then that a local songthaew to Amphawa.

Hope you have the chance to visit this beautful place!

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